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Our Founder, Coach Urmi Kothari brings to the fore her 24 years of movement experience in sports, dance, martial arts and fitness. Beginners will develop a versatile foundation with workouts, body awareness in a fun, supportive environment. Intermediates will learn to challenge themselves with functional lifts and complex flows and those looking for high levels of challenge will find advanced skills to stay engaged and motivated.

Our Best Selling Plans

12 Weeks

Kettlebell 101

1.5 Hours

Animal Flow In Person (Beginner)

1.5 Hours


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  • Do them anytime. Anywhere.
  • Learn from the best at an affordable price
  • Use minimum equipment
  • Levels: absolute Beginner to late intermediate
  • Webinars

Personal Training

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₹ 25500
  • Guidance for Specific Goals
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Work around injuries and limitations

Awareness & Mindset

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  • Cohort-based
  • Energy Balance
  • Webinars 

What are you signing up for?

Physical Quotient

Work on the 9 Pillars of Fitness, PLUS Coach Urmi’s signature coaching style to improve Posture, Body Awareness

FAT burning machine

Train like an Athlete. Build a mindset of an athlete that understands that its important to work hard but also recover hard.

Learn new Skills

Learn new exercises that enhance your strength for more skill based movements like headstand, handstand etc

Motivation Mindset

Fitness is not a chore! It is FUN! But it is not easy either. Re-wire your mindset to see fitness, not as a way to lose weight but to BECOME STRONGER and feel happy.


Our diet plans are full of nutrition and devoid of the calorie counting culture. Book a consult to know more.

Awareness focus

Build physical awareness by drilling in form and technique, mental awareness by becoming more mindful not just about nutrition but also about your self-talk and how you cope with stress and uncertainty.

24 years of experience in Fitness, Movement, Dance and Martial Arts

6 types of workouts (Functional Strength with Weights, Pilates, Animal Flow, Yoga, Cardio, Foam Rolling & Recovery)
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Pillars of Fitness


Multi-faceted coaches

  • I have specific injuries / goals or limitations. How can I train with you?
    We focus heavily on form and injury prevention in all our classes whether its group or personal training. But benefits of personal training are beyond just flexibility of scheudle. Request a call back for personal training (hyperlink this to the call back form for personal training). Our fees start from 25500/- for 12 sessions
  • I cannot afford personal training. Can I still train with my injuries in a group setting?
    While we encourage people to look at fitness as an investment, we respect your budgets. Speak to our team and workout a customised plan which could include a combination of group classes and a few technique classes with our coach. Or you can opt for a beginner level pre-recorded program (take them to on-demand programs section) that is easy to follow and easy on the pocket too.
  • I dont have any equipment’s. Can I still train?
    Yes! you can. Bodyweight exercises are one of the specialty of Kinetic Living fitness training. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, we can accommodate variations to keep you challenged at least for 3 months. Book a trial (hyper link to booking a trial). Then if you feel you have specific goals, you can invest in weights.
  • What is the typical age group of the students?
    Most of our students are between the age of 27-40 years. We teach our students to really redefine the way they look at fitness. And that ideology runs deep and shows in their performance, commitment and consistency. Set your 2022 goals with us (hyperlink to another video from vimeo- will send on whatsapp)
  • What are the type of workouts we wil do?
    Kinetic Living workouts are a combination of strength, endurance and mobility but also about balance, body awareness and technique. We use more than 6 different disciplines (hyperlink this to the page about workouts that I have mentioned before)
  • I want lose fat and weight. Will these workouts help me to do that?
    Losing weight and fat is a result of your food. Unfortunately, most people have trouble following what to eat even though THEY know what to do. But no one can out exercise an unbalanced nutrition. Use workouts to get stronger and improve metabolism and hormonal health. Use clean food to help you become a fat burning machine. Along with the workouts, we would highly recommend check out the “FOOD + MIND Booster Program” which is a 4 week program. (hyperlink this to the food mind booster program listing).
  • I have a very hectic lifestyle and I am unable to focus on work or make time for workouts. Will Kinetic Living help me stay consistent?

    Any kind of change in your life requires you to create some space in your time and calendar. Start small. You don’t have to turn your schedule upside down to become fit. That kind of intense effort wont be sustainable for you at this point. Instead, sign up for Community classes or a pre-recorded program (hyperlink both) and aim to make it at least 2 times a week. Pre -recorded or on-demand programs will give you flexibility but no accountability. So choose accordingly. Lack of energy is another reason many people cannot stay consistent. So join the FOOD MIND booster program in order to re-align your food, mindset habits and re-balance your energies. (hyperlink to the food + Mind Booster program)

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Coach Urmi’s Credentials

Urmi Kothari is a Certified Functional Training Master Trainer since 2015,
  • Nike Certified Coach
  • Certified in Kettlebell (IKFF, EKFA, ACSM)
  • In Stott Mat Pilates
  • Level 1 Animal Flow Instructor
  • Barefoot Training Specialist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Certified Mace Instructor and many more

She is also an energy coach who teaches meditation, one on one awareness coaching, and is currently writing her first book.

She is the Founder of Kinetic Living which has been awarded the Times Of India SHE UNLTD Entrepreneurship Award for Health and Fitness.

For Enquiry: Please send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly