Our On-Demand Fitness &
Wellness Programs include

12 Weeks

Kettlebell 101

TThe first step is to maximize one’s OWN fitness quotient through scientifically and mindfully selected workouts, without compromising fun and form.
15 days


The best Bodyweight program. Kick start your fitness with the CORRECT technique and movement patterns.
28 days

SHRED Beginner

Start with FOUNDATION and then Build a momentum with SHRED Beginner. Bodyweight.
28 days

SHRED Evolve

Take your fitness to the next level with skill-based Fitness, Journalling and experiential tasks that improve connection with Nature and thus, yourself. Need 2 pairs of dumbells.
30 days

LEAN IN 15 Unstoppable

Bodyweight HIIT program with 15 min of main workout and 15 min of warm up and cool down. IDEAL fo fat loss and busy schedules. We have incorporated one day of yoga in the week (day 4) to aid active recover
12 Months Validity

An exercise-based Webinar

Urmi takes you through her original 5 Cs for Empowerment framework to help you understand consistency is a completely new light.
28 days


Understand your current struggles. A different way of looking at calories and food. The 4 Bs of Burning Fat.